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First Dating Experience with an Elite Client
Delhi Escorts Iyer fixed a date for Viniyer with one of her rich businessman clients. He called Viniyer to a 5-star hotel room. Viniyer was feeling worried as she was one of the fresh escorts in Delhi . The rich guy welcomed her in the room. Chitra told him that Viniyer is a virgin girl and novice to the adult entertainment industry. So, the guy was treating her like his girlfriend and was in no hurry for lovemaking. He arranged a candle light dinner with champagne. The guy offered a seat to Viniyer and she sat there without saying a single word. Her eyes were down and she was feeling worried to see the face of the guy. Suddenly, she received a call from Delhi Escorts Service . She boosted her confidence over the phone. Thereafter, Viniyer got a smile on her face. The guy also felt good and started talking to the young girl.
As the time passed on and they had food and drinks, Viniyer was getting comfortable with the guy. After having dinner, the guy came close to her. She became nervous. He slowly moved his hands over her thighs and started kissing her forehead, checks and lips. She lost her control and became erotic. It was the first sexually stimulating experience for her. He took her to the comfy bed of the hotel room and began foreplay. His hands moved here and there. He inserted his hand inside her bra and pressed her boobs gently. Viniyer got aroused, closed her eyes and made stunning sounds. After playing with her body for around 15 minutes, he removed her dress and then undergarment. She got excited and held him tightly. He really had a big dick and he had enough experience of lovemaking. Without wasting any time, he penetrated his dick inside her vagina. She felt the pain of dick for the first time and lost her virginity.
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